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Message On Hold

Most of us hate being put on hold. What most of us like even less, however, is being put on hold in total silence.  Studies have shown that for callers faced with silence, the threshold for remaining on the line is less than 40 seconds. People who call your business usually call because they want to, and putting them on hold in silence for anything longer than a few seconds is a good way to lose the caller for good.

“Don't take a chance on losing this person due to dead silence. Remember you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression”

Even the smallest of businesses can give callers an entertaining, informative alternative to waiting in silence by using a messaging on hold. Message On Hold gives you total control over what your customers hear, thus enhancing the professional image of your company while allowing you to promote products and services.

Most companies prefer a monthly program that provides 4 message changes yearly that use professional voice talent and offer licensed music. Alternatively, you can purchase your own equipment and pay for an individual message separately. Either way a message on hold is a marketing tool that most companies do not take advantage of.